Varnished & Painted Wood Handles

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Product Image Item Name- Price Model
3" Long x 15/16" Diameter Dark Varnish Finish Wood Handle 2nds

This wood handle has a dark varnish finish. It is milled from either Birch or Maple Wood, not an exotic wood. There are 2 holes on this handle. The ho

6-7/16" Long x 1-1/2" Diameter White Painted Wood Handle 2nds

There is a 1/4" hole at one end of this handle. It's 1-1/8" deep and is seen in the picture.  The other end has a 1/8" center

7" Long x 7/8" Diameter Varnished Wood Handle 2nds

There is a 5/16" hole at the end of this handle. This is often used for our back massager rollers.  This is a second quality item.